Brad Presenting Quentin Tarantino

He drives a yellow 2009 or so Mustang, covered in fake bumper stickers from his movies all over the back. Had a couple really cool Jungle Julie In The Morning ones, and a big one that says “Lee Marvin For President.” Besides Jay Leno, he has the craziest head and face of anyone I’ve ever seen. His head doesn’t look real, it looks like he has a Halloween mask on, he’s fucking crazy looking.

I had to go five or 6 nights in a row, it’s a long story why I had to be there, basically my boss was working on it pulling focus and I had to bring him paperwork shit for his business that I work for cause they were up in Simi Valley and there was no internet or wifi whatsoever. It was Jan and the coldest weather I’ve ever been in in LA, it was like 38 degrees or something. It was all muddy and miserable. It was all the stuff with the riders coming down the hill and blowing up the doctor’s wagon. Don Johnson got his foot caught in the stirrup getting off the horse the first night & twisted his ankle really bad, I think he went to the hospital. They had to shoot around him. It’s not great, but this is the only pic I was able to squeeze off from the back of the camera truck. They collected everyones cell phones at the entrance to the set, but I smuggled mine.

Im glad I got the chance to. In general my job is boring as hell but I get to do some really cool shit sometimes. My boss actually had one of 8 copies of the script originally, with a hand-inscribed cover by QT. The original draft was four hundred pages.

I actually went and read it, because I thought it would be interesting to know the whole story, see what made it and what didn’t, so who got cast as who, etc. It took me almost 3 hours. If you’ve never read a Tarantino script, they are the most fun scripts ever written because he writes for himself and throws a lot of rules and formats out the window, and it’s great. Like a scene description would be “This cool cat’s had it with Bob’s shenanigans, so he peels Sam Colt and blows the motherfucker off the stool,” ha ha. I was laughing my ass off reading it.

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