Completely Redesigning Pokemon GO Sounds

The game is very half-baked right now. Tracker that breaks when you try to scale it, nearby list means nothing, sound design is sub-par, gyms are way too easily taken and too hard to build, poor balance on moves and pokemon at launch, no player to player battles, or trading. Egg distance tracking that is easily thwarted by riding your bike. App constantly restarts on you if you tab out of it for even 30s. Drains battery life like crazy. Poorly balanced in terms of rural vs urban vs sub-urban. No tutorials, an a host of other problems.

The game shouldn’t have been released for another four to five months probably. But here we are, Niantic was likely pressured to release early by their backers, or by a lack of funding to continue. Its too late now though, we’ve opened the bag, and the cat is out. Hope that they fix the right things fast enough to keep people’s attention. I’d hate to see the game die only to become what it should have always been just in time for nearly no-one to play.

I loved everything except the old Hoenn tracks. And it’s not because it’s Hoenn or because I don’t enjoy the nostalgia of the old music (in fact, I remember them and love to listen to them). But this is not the old games. There’s something to having new soundtracks that will represent the new game experience, and using old soundtracks detracts from the overall experience and how we won’t remember Pokemon go in the future as something unique. So I hope everyone that wants them to use old Pokemon soundtracks realizes that they are not needed and would ultimate take away from the uniqueness of the games.

I would totally love new remixes or orchestral versions of old soundtracks to be used though. Now THAT would be both a nostalgic addition to the game while keeping it unique.

Loved the sound effects, though, as I said, great job!!

I’ve thought the audio in the game was horribly bland and I like most of what you’ve done here. The evolution sequence in particular is great. I turned off the music a while ago, but when I started mass evolving things for xp I turned it back on just because it was so sparse audio-wise. I only really disagree on the Pokemon cries and the music. Everything is in HD with 3D models now and it makes sense that the audio reflect that. You can probably pick apart individual Pokemon sounds and critique them, but I think they took them from X and Y directly. I was actually A/Bing GO cries with my Pokemon blue pokedex the other night and most of them are pretty spot on HD remakes. The current music I feel could be more lush and complex as well.

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