F1 Must Do More For Digital Generation, Says Marchionne

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has urged Formula 1 chiefs to change the championship’s approach to digital platforms in order to help attract younger audiences.

F1 has been slow in reacting to the opportunities available online, and has been left behind by American sports in particular, who have embraced younger audiences on social media.

For Marchionne, he thinks the risks of alienating younger fans through not delivering what they want is made worse by F1 having over-complicated rules which can be a turn-off.

“When a person buys a computer you do not ask how many processors there are on the inside, but I appreciate the performance,” he said at the Chinese Grand Prix.

“If I had to explain how you make up a power unit, I’d be here for hours and everyone would be bored.

“For the public we can simplify things, and it is a change that needs to be done. The regulations are too complex. You need an opening closer to the people, and particularly young people.

“But this is a subject that concerns FOM. To bring the younger audience, you need to speak their language, and to give proper attention to the digital world.”

F1 Must Do More For Digital Generation, Says Marchionne

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