Just Break The Poland PU!

I’ve seen this a couple times - it generally seems to happen when the Teutons ally Hungary. Having Hunyadi in the fight really makes a difference. Especially if the war happens late enough for Hungary/TO to hit tech 4 before POL/LIT.

I’ve noticed this as well. In my games the Hungarian / TO alliance seems to be major determinant as to whether the PLC thrives or is cannibalised by all of its neighbours. That general and an extra ~20,000 bodies regularly makes their first conquest backfire in a pretty sad way.

This is pretty common I think. And even if they win their early wars they are still one wrong step from being destroyed by Austria.

Yeah my Polish is really bad and I wasn’t sure on some of the grammar cases and words in this case so I thought I would risk the google translate. I got as far as “Dziękujemy” before I ran out of knowledge about Polish.

As early as possible. Usually, going in at mil tech 4 with your starting general will do the trick if you know what you are doing. Do not hesitate to go in debt to recruit mercenaries when your manpower is low. You just need to hit them super hard in the first war, and they usually never recover. Then just declare on them every time truce timer is over, and eat your way toward Europe.

I’d say catch them while they’re at war with Ottomans or Sweden, if they’re a strong independent nation that doesn’t need no Denmark.

You can still steal danzig, which prevents Commonwealth from forming.. especially if they just release them in their first war with TO, which they seem to do quite often now 🙂

Breaking the PU was never the way to go imo, since they will ally no matter what. You just need to strike really hard in the first war, occupy everything, destroy every stack they spawn and ruin their economy. Then take 100% worth of warscore in provinces. In my experience, they simply never recover, because every single one of their neighbor usually declare war on them, and even if they don’t win, they keep Polo-Lithuania down until the end of your truce.

I still feel it’s basically using 100% warscore in the first war for no real gain on your side whatsoever. Yes it does weaken Polo-Lithuania, but it doesn’t make you any stronger immediatly.

It is much much weaker than a few patches ago. It will still blob without player interference, but otherwise it is pretty easy to dismantle early on.

Poland can into your clay. If Russia or the Ottomans don’t keep it in check it will go apeshit in Asia. Best you can do is wait for the right time to invade and try partitioning it as fast as possible.

I don’t know if it’s just RNG but Poland ALWAYS seems to say ‘Screw the Commonwealth’ and doesn’t form the PU.

i don’t think it is, I’m pretty sure the AI always takes the decision if it can. It’s just that if they lose Krakow or Danzig, they can’t form it, and if they don’t form it by the auto-inherit decision, the other decision requires them to be on 3 stab.

I just restart ever game when the jagellion is introduced. Locals only.

But currently doing a commonwealth to Prussia game so I had to use its advantages this time aha.

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