Leopard hunting monkey at Sabi Sands

Seriously this is why leopards are my favourite big cats they are so diverse in their skill sets they can hunt from trees on top of trees stealth hunt etc

This is why leopards conquered every habitat from the Himalayas to the Congo to Siberia and even large cities in India.

Dude as a human you have to back the monkey, boo. I was sure there was no way that leopard was going catch that monkey. Figured this was going to be one of those “monkeys taunting predators” kind of videos.

You missed an opportunity to ask me “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?” We could have started an awesome 80s rock battle, and obliterated everything!

I read that as a “leopard-hunting” monkey. I thought I was about to see some shit.

So did I! I clicked in hopes of seeing some monkey mustering a leopard. This was just as amazing still. Great video!

I kept watching and waiting for the moment the monkey was all “gotcha bitch!”

It’s unsettling to see a monkey get outsmarted and killed where it’s supposed to be most safe.

That jump was awesome. The branches were pretty thin I’m surprised he managed to generate so much power

That was fucking nuts. Leopard just slowly hemmed the monkey in, until there was no way to get away from it’s pounce.

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