Print any image onto wood + MORE Fall & TUMBLR DIY’s

Just try to use a laser printer when possible for this. Inkjet will bleed a bit. This is also not limited to wood. I’ve done this on to stone to make plaques and coasters.

Yes, you need to make sure it is printed on a laser printer with Toner.

Wife does this all the time for gifts and just goes to Staples or another office shop and prints.

This is a neat little craft. Thanks for sharing, I could see myself making something like this as a gift.

I can see me putting this link to my girlfriend’s Facebook page so she can make me a NY Giants craft for Christmas.

My mom received something similar. It’s a block of thin wood with a little house painted on it with their names and the date. It’s beautiful and has hung on the wall through many remodels of the kitchen. Good for anyone with some basic crafting skills

That’s a very nice video. It’s very easy to follow. You have a very nice voice, it’s soft with good inflection, it’s perfect for this sort of thing.

i was going to return the computer so I changed the name to “user” but changed my mind last minute and never had the chance to change it back to my name 😛

That file path is only available on your local computer. No one on the internet can get to that file on your computer. You would have to upload it to a website like imgur.com for it to be publicly accessible.

The OP posted a link to a PDF file with instructions and the templates used in the video, but the link was to a file on the local hard drive. So the two funnies are: there’s no way to follow the link to get the file, and OP’s Windows username is “user”.

Granted, not “hilarious”, but it gave me a chuckle when I noticed it and I decided to share my amusement. OP has fixed it, now, rendering my comment totally absurd and eliciting your confusion!

You’re also that guy who comments “That isn’t stir fry.” on /r/food when someone adds sauce to their stirred and fried meat and vegetables. Admit it.

just thought it looked odd without the comma. Try reading it without any pauses and you’ll see why. It wouldn’t be a big deal to add a comma into it either.

The tumblr thing just confused me.

I was actually thinking about that!! but I found the quote online without it and decided to stick with that. Thanks for watching 🙂

I have done the same on wood for even cheaper! Same technique (laser printed flipped image), place face down on wood, then pour/spray clear nail-polish remover on the paper. Dollar store nail-polish remover is great because it’s just acetone and water without any other chemicals/fragrances/colours. Then use a spoon to rub the parts of the image on to the wood (works on some other surfaces, but I can’t remember what). Mine turned out great, although my design was already sort of “sketchy” so I haven’t tried it on something that should look pristine. It came out really dark with great lines and detail though.

I’m familiar with a similar technique with a laser printed item you then heat transfer with what I remember is a wide disk tipped heat pen.

The laser printed part of that is important, since you’re transferring toner, which prints via heat

Why not paint the inside of the jar with the clear dry glue and place leaves in after? This is easier and faster.

Painting the leaves with glue seems like unnecessarily labor intensive.

I actually did that at first but I found that my leaves were too thick and would fall off unless I put the glue on the leaf itself.. So I had to wash the mason jar and start over but I think it could work if you had thinner leaves 🙂

I have an inkjet so I will probably go to staples to have my image printed. Will they be able to flip it for me before printing or do I need to figure out how to do that myself?

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