Rin Speaks In English! (Free! Eternal Summer)

if you like it you should check out the show, kiniro mosaic, season 2 is currently airing, the first couple episodes are pretty heavy on the engrish but it calms down after that,

if you are interested make sure you at least watch till episode 3 when the last of the main girls joins, karen who is half english half japanese, if it seems too cute and focuses on blonde hair too much you can skip to season 2 “hello kiniro mosaic” which i am liking much more.

even though it isnt common the english in season 2 is also improved

Naw, as someone from the U.S. I can tell, but I’ve met a lot of Australians online so maybe I have a better handle on the accent than most. I think they probably didn’t do that many takes with these VAs. Especially if they were recording in a Japanese studio, the Japanese sound director probably thought the first take or two was fine even though to us they come across a little stilted and the accent isn’t perfect. Hard to know if the VAs are good or bad in those situations because not every VA gets it right on the first try.

I liken it to someone speaking German in a WWII film like Saving Private Ryan. I have no way of knowing if they’re speaking with the right accent or if their delivery is good even though I know a little German. I can only really go off of body language and tone of voice, which isn’t a whole lot when we’re talking about whether or not something feels stilted. I’m sure the Japanese are pretty much the same way with English speakers.

Now you know what it’s like for American companies like Funimation. they are pretty strict about lip syncing mouth flaps, and for this very reason. It’s really noticeable in your native language to see when something is off sync, so they have to go with the best translation they can of lines that also match mouth flaps.

It’s like, which would you want, strict translations that don’t sync up with the video, or more loose and natural sounding translations that match flaps. Either way, people will complain.

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