The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt

I literally just did something like this. was riding out of crows perch and heard some hooligans messing around with townsfolk, asking them where their money was. no exclamation mark on the map, didn’t think I’d be able to do anything.

but out of morbid curiosity I turned around and rode up to them. a cutscene started. two armored assholes were about to murder random villagers for no reason.

so I murdered them.

no quest, no experience, no reward but for the thanks of the villagers and the swell feeling of doing a good deed.

Bunch of Witchhunters about to put a Wizard (is that what they’re called? Is that a thing? A male magic person, anyway) to flame. Decided fuck it, pulled out my sword and hacked them to bits.

Cue little dialogue of him thanking me and leaving the fuck out of there.

Was pretty neat.

In the world of the witcher, a sorcerer/sorceress is someone who does “real” magic, big-league stuff. Elemental bindings and the like. Witches/wizards are small-timers who make sure the cows keep milking in the village. “Witch” is therefore a pejorative term when applied to a sorceress. I don’t recall “wizard” being used pejoratively, but I guess it would be the same.

There are only a few hundred living sorcerers and sorceresses during the time period of the games. Sorceresses are much more common than sorcerers, because women manifest magical gifts more often.

I helped some bandits track a witch hunter. When I found out their reasons (cuz he torched five grams of pure fisstech) I told them to back off. Helped him to a medic later.

Hopefully he learns, unlike the other witch hunter I’ve helped in the past. I think they’re all fanatic idiots, but maybe after receiving some aid and mercy from a witcher they’ll change their ways a bit. If not, I’ll kill them next time we meet.

Some witch hunters were being dickheads, so I thought to myself “An excuse to kill witch hunters? Don’t mind if I do.” I walked up to them, pressed E and a dialogue started. I taunted them into attacking me and once the fight started, all but one glitched out and I just had a field day on his ass.

Here’s the recording if you’re curious.

I had a similar experience helping a mage who was about to get burned at the stake. I didn’t have an exclamation point on my screen but I got off my horse anyway. I wasn’t able to start a conversation but I tried burning the guards anyway. All of a sudden they attacked me and I killed them off and saved the mage from being burned alive.

It was a pretty awesome and unexpected result since I was the one who initiated the attack with the game not telling me that someone needed to be saved in that situation.

Geralt’s line in this trailer is a direct quote from the books, more specifically from “The Lesser Evil” short story. This is one of the most iconic lines of the entire franchise, actually. I strongly recommend reading this story; it’s pretty much the epitome of the moral complexity of both the books and the games.

A lot of people don’t like Geralt’s character because he’s “bland,” but I find that since he doesn’t say much, what he does say has much more impact than something Drake would say or something. I think during the quest with the play if Geralt gets cast as an actor, he says to Irina something like, “say less for greater effect,” and it’s so true.

his is the part in the trailer I was referring too in particular:

“Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling… makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all.”

There isn’t a specific story about this trailer in particular but something along the lines of that quote does get mentioned somewhere, gave me chills.

Things like choosing between different kinds of evil and how people can be monsters just as well as actual monsters are mentioned in the books. The short story The Lesser Evil touches this subject quite well. It’s part of the book The Last Wish.

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