This only took me, oh, fifty or so tries.

The key is to approach it like Scorched Earth (dating myself here). You find the line then adjust the trajectory ever so slightly, using something on the screen as reference (in this case, the lower arch on the bridge). Then it’s a matter of hoping she stops in the right place… I wanted her to die way more by the end of this than the beginning.

So, adjust the angle and power of your shot a dozen times and hope that you get the trajectory right before your little brother launches his goddamn Death’s Head and wipes you and the mountain you were sitting on off the face of the planet?

I was mostly referring to the fucked up art style, but I should’ve said that in the main comment. They tried to make it realistic, and fucked up royally producing some creepy ass characters. Should’ve gone the WoW route and made it stylised but less realistic. Would’ve aged/looked much better.

The game didn’t look that bad for its time, except for the face generation engine they bought as a middleware from somewhere, that had the tendency to create a distinctive potato-head look on the characters. Unfortunately that same engine was used in Fallout 3 and FO:NV too…

I remember the first time I left the sewers after the tutorial, my jaw dropped at the view of the lake and the mountains. They really knocked it out of the park with that first vista of the world. Really, the only problem with the graphics was the character models themselves.

I take greater issue with the way it sounded. Worst VO work ever. Pretty sure they just grabbed some people from the alley behind a community theatre and paid them in booze.

The worst bit was how the voice artist would routinely change half-way through conversations, as if the last guy passed out and they CBFed restarting from the top of the page.

It became a matter of getting kinda close then making a quicksave. I was lining up my shot based on the position of the lower arch of the bridge on my screen, if that makes sense.

I watched the video and thought “Hah, that’s pretty funny.” But then, about five minutes later, it hit me just how funny and awesome it was, and I immediately sent it to all of my Skyrim-playing friends. The way you stop her just at the right spot is brilliant. Amazing work.

Me neither, until just a few minutes before. I was on an NPC killing spree (as many of us do when bored) and when a guard tried to arrest me Lydia killed him mid sentence before the camera finished zooming in. It pretty much inspired this attempt.

I did a similar one with the Talos nut in Whiterun, except the only way I could get it right is to rotate slightly past 90 degrees with my back to him and actually shoot backwards. The crunch as it hits him is extremely satisfying.

I still have the save when I am in exactly the right place. All I have to do is reload, draw and shoot!

It was a well spent drunken 2 hours with a buddy of mine.

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