Usain Bolt stops interview to hear the U.S. anthem

It’s a Caribbean thing. From the first day of school it’s drilled into us to stop what we’re doing and immediately stand at attention for the national anthem. More so for the national anthem of another nation when showing deference.

he deserves all the medals that he earns need more people with respect like this. Seriously, he’s an amazing athlete and an amazing person. Just a really good example of a person doing everything right.

Jamaicans are taught to respect a nation’s anthem, even if it is not their own. This isn’t a deference to America, but just gesture of goodwill for another nation’s anthem in general.

I legitimately got a little misty eyed. Fuck, I love our national anthem. I’m pretty sure he was trying to sing along as well! Made me like him like that much more.

I was never sure if I liked him, but this solidified himself as deserving of all the credit he has ever been given. Even Jamaicans cannot resit the sound of freedom

It’s nice to actually see a foreign national actually respecting us enough to stand attentively and listen to the national anthem when it’s played. I’ve gone to a few baseball games with some of my fellow undergrads (they’re from ‘Inglin), and they talk to each other, keep their hats on, and are just generally disrespectful throughout the entire song. It really pisses me off. If I went to a sporting event in another country, I would at least be respectful enough to shut the fuck up and be respectful during the playing of THEIR anthem.

The Olympics are an international affair, and all countries are supposed to receive equal respect at all times. The fact that countries are expected to lower their flags is bullshit.

He asked if it was live because he also wanted to respect the interview because they can edit it out if it wasn’t, damn commie.

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