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I always wondered why plungers were so readily available in TV/Movies. Even read the other day in an AskReddit thread titled something like “What is something you should have before you need it” and someone mentioned a plunger.

I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever had one in my house, even as a child.

I’ve never blocked at a toilet, but I’ve had my waste not flush before. Although usually you just close the lid, come back in half an hour and flush again.

Is that what you mean or legitimately water-backing-up blocked? I’ve only ever seen that in public toilets, probably because someone stuff in tons of toilet paper or a nappy.

Edit: I suck at sentences.

Another commenter pointed out that the higher water level in American toilets means they get far fewer skidmarks. In their words, “It’s common to see plungers in an American toilet, and in Australia, it’s common to see toilet brushes.” So basically it’s a tradeoff. Personally I’d prefer a skidmark to an actually clogged toilet, but I guess Midwestern America isn’t ready to deal with the idea of someone seeing evidence of their shame.

American toilets are superior for one thing. They make your poops super long. Since the water is so high, the there’s less gravitation force applied to the faeces. So yes, while Australian toilets might be a better overall system, an American toilet will always win hands down when it comes to producing a consistent, unbroken stool.

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