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Keto Diet Menu: 7-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan for Beginners to Lose 10 LBS !

7 Days Meal Plan Keto Keto diet Keto Recipes Ketogenic Recipe Low Carb Recipes

Keto Diet Menu: 7-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan for Beginners to Lose 10 LBS !

Keto Diet Menu: 7-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan for Beginners to Lose 10 LBS !

If you’re looking for a diet to help you lose weight, burn fat, improve your health, there is a perfect diet called keto.

Keto short for ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb meal plan that drives the body into ketosis.

It’s a natural metabolic state where the body uses fat as its primary source of fuel instead of glucose.

Ketosis is the main purpose of the ketogenic diet.

In ketosis, your body becomes incredibly effective at burning fat.

And the more stored fat is used as a fuel, more fat and weight you’ll lose.

It may sound unconventional to eat a high-fat diet to burn fat and lose weight.

But the diet is in fact well studied and proven.

Over 20 studies show that the keto diet can help you lose weight and improve your health and fitness (1).

But getting to this state of ketosis requires you to follow a keto diet meal.

A keto diet meal plan is what enables your body to enter ketosis

It focuses on limiting carbohydrates intakes and upping fat, and some protein.

More on this in a minute.

This is pretty much what qualifies a diet to be a ketogenic diet.

But, let’s backtrack a bit in case you’re not familiar with the keto diet plan and menu before we get started.

What is a Keto Diet?

A keto diet is a low-carb eating plan designed to drive your body into a state called ketosis.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that involves the body producing ketones out of fat. It then uses them for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Your body only goes into ketosis when carbohydrates intake is low. This is the main purpose of a ketogenic diet.

This translates to:

60-75% of your calories from fat.
15-30% of your calories from protein.
5-10% of your calories from carbs.
As extreme as this may seem, the keto diet is medically tested and proven beneficial for health.

It has so far been linked to weight loss, reversing type 2 diabetes, and managing blood sugar levels.

Since the keto diet menu follows a strict guideline, having a sample meal plan can make things easier.

It takes the guesswork out of choosing what to eat and not to eat on a keto diet.

It also removes the headache of calculating your macro portions to reach ketosis.

That’s all built into this Keto Meal Plan.

Just by following this, you can automatically put your body in the fat-burning zone a.k.a ketosis.

Here is a 7-day sample keto diet menu to get started on the keto diet and ignite your fat burning.

In conjunction with the keto diet menu, here is your “keto diet food list”.

Keto Diet Food List
It’ll be a handy guide for food shopping for the meals.

The following keto foods are part of this 7-day meal plan.


Grass-fed beef (organic preferred, eggs).
Fish and seafood (salmon, shrimps )
Dark meat chicken (organic preferred).
Beef (organic preferred)
Even though 75% of calories come from fat on the keto diet, you still need protein. Just make sure you consume them in moderation.

Oil and Fats:

Avocado oil
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Ghee butter
Heavy cream
Full-fat Greek yogurt

Fruits and Veggies:

Leafy greens (kale, spinach, bell pepper broccoli, lettuce, and arugula)
Bell peppers

Nuts and Seeds:

Brazil nuts
Pine nuts
Flax seeds
Chia seeds
Nut butter

Coconut chips

Dairy Products:

Cheddar cheese
Feta cheese
Other cheese of your choice
Almond milk
Bone Broth
Plain tea
Black coffee

This is not a comprehensive keto diet food list. It just covers the foods in this 7-day meal plan.

7-Day Keto Diet Menu Sample

Here’s your 7-Day sample Keto Diet meal plan for weight loss. The key is to stay high-fat, low-carb, with a moderate amount of protein.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg lettuce wrap with avocado and cilantro
Snack: Nuts
Lunch: kale salad with grilled chicken with olive oil dressing.
Snack: bell pepper with guacamole
Dinner: Steak with cauliflower rice

Day 2 :

Breakfast: Baked egg in an avocado cup
Snack: Macadamia nuts
Lunch: Tuna salad with a side of green salad
Snack: Sliced cheese or cold cut turkey roll-ups
Dinner: Chinese Beef and broccoli

Day 3:

Breakfast: Full-fat Greek yogurt topped with chia seeds and crushed walnuts
Snack: Turkey jerky (look for no added sugar type)
Lunch: Cauliflower fried rice
Snack: Sliced cheese
Dinner: Roast beef with sautéed mushroom and zucchini

Day 4:

Breakfast: Blackberry protein shake with kale and almond butter
Snack: Zucchini parmesan chips
Lunch: Chicken tenders made with almond flour on a bed of greens with cucumbers and goat cheese
Snack: Bacon deviled eggs
Dinner: Grilled shrimp topped with a lemon butter sauce with a side of asparagus

Day 5:

Breakfast: Fried eggs with bacon and a side of greens.
Snack: 1/2 cup coconut chips
Lunch: Grass-fed burger in a lettuce “bun” topped with avocado and a side salad.
Snack: Celery sticks dipped in almond butter.
Dinner: Meatloaf on a bed of watercress salad

Day 6:

Breakfast: Feta cheese and spinach omelet.
Snack: Bacon wrapped asparagus.
Lunch: Chicken wings with celery sticks.
Snack: Cocoa Coconut milk smoothie
Dinner: Grilled chicken with bell peppers and tomatoes

Day 7:

Breakfast: Full-fat Greek yogurt with coconut chips and pumpkin seeds
Snack: Cheese crisp
Lunch: Chicken salad wraps
Snack: Peanut butter fat bombs
Dinner: Grilled salmon with a side of cauliflower rice

Final Thoughts :-

The keto or ketogenic diet is great for people who are looking to lose weight and improve their health.

This sample 7-day keto diet plan is a great way to see if the diet is right for you.

But, as with any diet, you should always check with your doctor first before starting.

If you’re looking to burn fat, it’s important that you incorporate some form of exercise with the diet

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