Nichijou - Like Love 4

At some point there has to be a balance. Anime gets more and more popular every year and it’s booming outside of Japan as well. I feel like they price it because that’s how it used to needed to be priced. If they lowered the cost to something more fair, they might get a lot more sales.

It just came out at a really unfortunate time where a lot of other shows were cannibalizing its sales + it didn’t have enough of a manga following to get people hyped for it. A lot of great KyoAni shows can sell kind of low. I really wish the show’s Bluray gets localized so western fans can support it.

I am actually re-watching this series now. Just finished that episode. I would agree. Not the biggest fan of slice of life but this show was something else. Shame there won’t be a second season.

I remember I was trying to buy Madoka here in Canada and a 3 episode BD was $120. Sorry guys, I just can’t spend that. That’s the same price as a crunchyroll subscription for a year.

Yeah, but as don’t live in Japan, I was referring to how the licensing and distribution companies price it, because that is what affects me. The anime market inside and outside of Japan is very different. I’ll give money to those of them that offer the product at a what I see as a reasonable price for a 20 minute to 2 hour piece of video media.

Un-censoring is not really a prerequisite for good sales. Haruhi, K-On!!, and Lucky Star are some of KyoAni’s biggest hits and there’s nothing to uncensor there. Heck, none of KyoAni’s non-Gatoh shows really go lewd enough for censors.

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