Diamonds are WORTHLESS

Diamonds are much, much more common than you think and, in fact, are relatively WORTHLESS!
Another British Royals CONfidence GAME!

Corporate advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns along with the help of British royalty and Hollywood propaganda artists have created a perceived need for diamonds in the mind of the public. The true value of diamonds is very nominal since the stones are quite plentiful and have very limited uses. Yet prices for the carbon stones have been driven up by the cartels that hoard diamonds in order to constrict the supply, thereby creating an artificial scarcity and driving prices exhorbitantly high. As you will see, the diamond dealers can hardly contain their laughter…

Diamond is only valuable because people think its valuable. if all of us stop falling for the scam, diamonds would lose a TON of its value. there is nothing inherently special or unique about diamonds that makes it worth its price (its not even rare) i could get myself a ring that used glass instead of diamond and you wouldnt even be able to tell the difference unless you used a microscope . if i ever get married i will never ask for a diamond ring. id ask for a moisanatte ring which happens to be shinnier and cheaper and way more worth it. that or maybe i will ask for games instead.

Diamond are also the strongest stone in the world. Although it doesn’t make up for them being mined and cut using slave labor and then chased after fanatically by consumers. There is a pretty sweet pun about love being as strong as a diamond.

The rich seem to spend most of their money on things that are a complete waste of money. That’s all well and good but what galls me is that most of us are having to flog ourselves to death or get into serious debt in order to create wealth for these bastards so that they can go throw it all down the drain on pointless dross like this.

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