Indycar In-Car Theatre: Visorcam Chevrolet Indy Dual In Detroit

I would pay a pretty decent sum of money per year to have an official stream or playback with timing, onboard camera, etc. Maybe they could throw in discounts for when the circus comes into town. I just got a job about 1.5 hours from Suzuka so I think I’ll be visiting for as long as I’m here.

The thing that I think might be blocking them, however, is deals with BBC and/or SkyF1. Not sure if FOM just thought their money was better than from all the individuals but the broadcasters could have put in for a block on FOM providing anything via the internet. Could also mean venues would want more of the pie, too.

My guess is that with the Live Timing app, they are sort of feeling the waters as to what the audience would take to. However, that app is horrible and I hope they don’t assume fans wouldn’t pay for packages to watch seasons based on the app’s success (or lack there of).

if one had the option of viewing any of the multiple camera feeds while watching the race live. Would be fantastic to view the race from a favourite driver’s perspective while viewing the main broadcast feed in a side window.

It must be apathy on F1’s behalf that such service does not already exist, because I imagine it would be a great revenue stream. Or is there another reason I’ve over looked?

I prefer the cockpit mounted camera, the image is more stable and the quality is better.

What I would like though is the ability to select the camera you view during the race, just like you can at the track and the handheld things (Formerly KangarooTV, not sure what they’re called now).

It would be much better to pick your own Picture in Picture, and have the full times available rather than waiting for the F1 director for that weekend decide what everyone wants to watch. They could use that to determine what parts of the race have the most interest, so if everyone is watching the thermal cam, or helmet cam, they know to do that in future…or even during that race.

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