McGregor Vs BJ Penn

I remember hearing about Machida after looking up Franklin’s (when he as champ) record and seeing that he was KO’d by Machida and then looking up that fight on youtube.

The hardcores knew. He ko’d franklin who was going to fight for the mw title at that time. Doesn’t take away from bj to go to heavyweight. Still an impressive performance. Bj He Def won, better striking and controlled the ground game too.

Holy shit you people disparaging BJ Penn taking Lyoto to a decision with a 16kg (35 pounds) weight difference are idiots.

He took him to a competitive decision that he might have an argument for winning …. when people act like a 5kg (10 pound) weight difference means that he should be FINISHED EASILY.

Hell I don’t believe in weight mattering I believe in the best being the best but even I think a 16kg weight difference is PUSHING IT and is a big advantage. Put it in perspective you haters.

Mcgregor moves in weight but has to stay the same weight as Nate Diaz. Not saying anything but if Connor was at 155 and fought Nate while he was at 170, Connor would have a lot more speed on Nate. BJ Penn had the speed on machida because he was heavier. If they were the same weight, it would be a different story.

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