Ross Perot 1992 Presidential Debate

I was like 6 years old when Perot was running. Once I got to around age 13 I started seeing through all the bullshit we are fed. But yea, Perot was a smart dude and was right about a few things. Media plays some dirty fucking tricks. Kind of like how they did Ron Paul.

I’ll be honest, I’m a huge 2pac fan, even when I was real young there was just something about his music that I couldn’t get enough of. I heard him speak of the “Illuminati” and was like “wtf is he talking about” that started me down the rabbit hole.

One lyric he wrote was “some say expect Illuminati take my body to sleep, niggaz at the party wit they shotties just as rowdy as me. Before I flee computer chips I gotta deal with brothaz trippin, I don’t see no devils bleeding only black blood drippin”

That’s some real shit right there.

Katrina was a disaster because the mayor decided not to stay in the specified control center because, I shit you not, he wanted to stay somewhere that had better chicken wings and was not able to be located. The governor screwed the pooch because she panicked and did nothing. When asked what assistance she needed she kept on saying “send everything”. They asked what specifically, tanks, medical supplies, etc. and the stupid woman just kept repeating send everything. It took days before she got over her hysterics to be useful.

It is sad that u all came to the agreement that charisma was more important than smarts… Too much Hollywood and TV, straight up. Walk through a check out line, US, People, Vogue, etc, whatever,. All the same charismatic crap. *note, my idea at identifying one of the reason of what’s wrong with America… Check out lines… Check out lines run by robots… you are all fuyked… Millions of jobs and counting…

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