Simracing Moment

Reminds me when during the first lap of qualy I found out my gas pedal wasn’t working properly and I had only 80% of the power. In the next few minutes I had to fix the issue or I’d start last.
It was an awesome feeling when I managed to identify and fix the problem in 10 minutes and do 1 hot lap before the session ended.

It wasn’t nearly as awesome when my USB hub reconnected mid-race on IRacing with a damaged car. No FFB, no sound, no TrackIR (and I had to alt tab to the client to re centre it since the wheel buttons weren’t working) and all my pedals calibrated incorrectly. Needless to say I didn’t last very long. It felt very novel retiring from a virtual race due to literal mechanical issues though.

I’ll send it to him! From what I understand the difference is that OBD is only on newer cars, and has a set amount of things it can tell you depending on the brand?

This system uses mobile data, so if someone tries to break in to your car you can get a text or a call. And its accellerometer can tell if they try to put it on a truck. Then you can use the gps to track where they are taking the car, so I guess its a quite advanced alarm system in addition to the measurements..

They are just starting, but some of the places that I’ve heard about is that chevy, an offroad jeep, some streetrace cars and a tractorpulling team. I think I recall him talking about some boat as well.

DK2 is much better, easy to see where I’m going, but still waiting on more sims to support it. Currently only Live for Speed works with it but I think Assetto Corsa and iRacing will support it within a couple months. The developers or rfactor 2, the sim in OP’s vid, don’t seem interested in adding support until it’s more widely used.

The resolution is still a bit low and there is still a bit of a screen door, but the immersion more than makes up for it.

The dashboard will get cut off, but you don’t need that in a racing sim, because you can get all the info you need on the HUD. Seeing the track in realistic proportions is far more important, because this makes it easier to hit your marks and follow the racing line. Having a realistic FoV also makes corrections easier to pull off, because slight changes in where the car is pointing are much easier to spot.

I don’t actually play any flight sims, but I would assume that what you see in front of the plane is generally not that important, while the instruments in the cockpit are. As a result, using a higher FoV in a flight sim makes sense, but that does not mean the same is true in a racing sim.

It all worked perfectly as designed, but the idea that when I looked left my steering wheel stayed in front of me but the centre monitor now showed the left of centre view is just… wrong.

It might work better in Flight Sims or something that aren’t quite as time-sensitive, or have the need for having a feel for the direction of travel vs sliding/yawing. TrackIR in a box in London if someone wants to give me £5 and pick it up.

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