TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

Strong public outcry doesn’t mean shit. Nobody working in this gives one flying fuck about our opinions on this thing, and they’re not gonna change course unless the money changes course. And that ain’t happening. All this “write your congressman!” bullshit is nonsense. That system no longer functions-it’s set up to placate us while corporations do whatever they want.

America is an oligarchy, when the needs of the elite go up against the needs of the poor, the elite wins… always. The only time the little people win is when two elites are fighting each other and some scraps fall off the table.

Its like the movies where the scrappy underdog goes up against the elite team, except the game is rigged so that underdog loses horribly, has his family’s house taken away, and is put in prison for trying, unless the police decide to execute him outright. And its all perfectly legal.

Strong public outcry does help. Especially when directed in writing by actual constituents to their respective congresspersons.

But that’s a national response. What’s needed is international organization and payback. These conglomerates need a lesson in organized public justice. A boycott. Hit their bottom lines. The worst thing you can do to an organization whose sole purpose is to maximize profit.

And before people respond with ‘boycotts never work’, know that public relations firms are hired the world over to propagate that myth. Because mass boycotts are extraordinarily effective. It just takes organization and counter-public relations.

These companies need to be punished for their intransigence against democratic process. And those who supported it in government as well. With a swift kick to the ass out of office.

Well yeah, morons are too busy being distracted by shit like gay marriage being legalized, confederate flag garbage. The news isnt covering the topic at all, theyre busy distracting the sheep.

Equal Right are great and all, but its meaningless if we lose our freedom.

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