Ugandan Children Play with Legos for the First Time

They all seemed so proud of everything they made. What a fantastic universal feeling a toy can give. This is cool but I swear it looks like all the “good” lego bricks were picked out and they were sent crap bricks from those “bucket” sets.

It’s mostly donated, and if you’ve ever played with 1997-2004 Lego you’ll know that these would be positively the best bricks from that era.

Follow up video: Ugandan children stepping on LEGO barefoot for the first time. Really cool! I expected more spaceships though… you ALWAYS have to build spaceships with LEGO.

They are probably not familiar with the concept of a space ship. some one needs to introduce them to space core and benny they will teach them..

This is making me tear up a bit. Just to think that there’s kids who have never even seen Lego, let alone played with them. It really makes us, with our massive collections, feel lucky. The comments on the video are godawfull, but awesome for them getting lego, that’s cool. Really grinds on me when people call them Legos its Lego in the plural and the singular.

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