Airplane vs. Zero Hour (widescreen)

I just happened to catch Airport 77 a few years ago, I had no idea most of Airplane was based on Airport 77 (the one with Karen Black, right?). It was as fun as seeing The Graduate years after I’d seen Waynes World, and then realizing where half the jokes came from. Airport is almost as funny as Airplane!, although unintentionally. I love they brought in every “Man’s Man” actor from the 70s to help out. Like “Give me anyone with a solid jawline!”

I remember there was one scene where they’re trying to talk Karen Black through flying the plane, and like 5 minutes straight go by of them just giving step by step directions, and her following/repeating them. “Turn flaps 80 degrees.” “Turning flaps 80 degrees….” It was hilarious.

Artistically, you can call something whatever you want. But legally, they are distinct things for copyright reasons. Parody is protected speech, but if something is found to be satire in court, it is not considered fair use.

The shitty and inconsistent rule of thumb is that parody mimics a work to directly make fun of that work, and satire makes fun of something unrelated. Then throw in a million exceptions.

You know I always wondered what “war” Striker was talking about. This movie came out in 1980, so I kind of assumed Vietnam but Ted was not that old. Now I see they lifted it from a WWII perspective.

Besides when people said they “fought in the war” they referred to World War 2. If someone fought in Vietnam it was always referred to as ‘Nam.

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