Apparently in 2005 Hardcore Holly almost lost his arm to MRSA

That bob holly story from the F4W newsletter is astonishing no idea how they’re still in business. Adds more weight to what punk Said.

Besides the wording of WWE’s statement and fact that Punk dealt with his issues with WWE intelligently (in the sense he didn’t talk about his situation until he had a legal settlement from the company), there’s something else that gives his allegations an air of truth: the same thing happened to Bob Holly when Dr. Ferdinand Rios was in Amann’s role.

In his book, The Hardcore Truth, Holly wrote about what happened to him the day Eddie Guerrero died. He had found a bump on his underarm that wouldn’t go away. “By the time I got to Minneapolis, I felt like I had the flu. Dr. Rios checked me out backstage and said I had a staph infection and it had spread to the forearm. He told Johnny Laurinaitis that I was really sick and needed to go to the hospital to get it taken care of. Johnny said that I was needed on the overseas tour, so the hospital would have to wait. I’m not one to complain but even I said to Johnny, ‘I’m as sick as hell, man.’ Johnny insisted I go overseas. I thought it was just another case of working hurt—you work through it and it goes away eventually. If I’d refused to go, they would have probably fired me. Maybe that’s how Eddie had felt.”

By the time they got to Germany, Holly’s forearm had swollen up to twice its normal size. Rios attempted to drain the infection, but it didn’t help; the infection had spread to the bone and Holly was hospitalized: he had MRSA. Surgery didn’t work, so they put him on Vancomycin, the “last resort” antibiotic. It worked. The doctors told him that arm would have been amputated from the shoulder down if it hadn’t, and quotes one of them as saying that “That man [Laurinaitis] is the reason you ended up in the hospital and nearly lost your arm.”

Holly even wrote that “Because they’d gone against Dr. Rios’s orders, the company was very liable and they knew that they had set themselves up for a huge lawsuit. I could tell because they were kissing my ass the whole time I was off, telling me not to worry about anything and that they’d get me anything I needed.” By the way, you know how Laurinaitis said Holly was needed on the tour? He was in a battle royal every night.



Apparently in 2005 Hardcore Holly almost lost his arm to MRSA

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