Ba… Bakaaa

The show is about a guy who uses his dating simulator game knowledge to get girls in real life to fall in love with him. Since the girl in the video is the shy, never talks, library girl he can’t progress or get a read on what she truly thinks so he says a few things to edge her on and make her speak her mind. She’s never really spoken out to someone like that so she turned into a nervous wreck and stuttered.

he works with a demon from New Hell (Good hell pretty much). She has an evil spirit inside of her, filling an empty space in her heart. The easiest way for him to fill that space and chase the demon out is through having her fall in love with him. This causes the evil spirit to leave and can be safely be brought back to New Hell.

The show is really upbeat and sweet, and I highly recommend it. Both the manga and anime adaptation are great. It’s on Crunchyroll if you wanted to watch it.

Trust me when I say this, but Hanazawa is a goddess when it comes to fabulous voice acting. Outside of moe, she did the following roles fucking exceptionally, ranging from enticing, to mysterious, to downright lusty: Aika from Zetsuen no tempest, Rize from Tokyo ghoul, Yukino from Garden of Words, Akane from Psycho-pass..

Amusingly, it varies by the region, as some have said. In Tokyo, if you call someone “baka” they’ll generally see it as a joke and laugh it off. However if you use “aho” people will feel genuinely insulted. Meanwhile, if you use “aho” in Osaka it’s interpreted jokingly but “baka” is viewed as an insult.

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