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Yeah even in Ozymandias’ flashback it took some suspension of disbelief to picture that this was the same young and skinny kid we meet in the pilot. I’m sure if we actually see Aaron Paul on camera as Jesse again it’ll be in the post-BB timeline, though I could see them doing some kind of vocal cameo for Jesse pre-BB.

Well yeah, the meaning of that scene was never up for debate. The discrepancy was that some thought it was a literal flashback scene, when there’s very little to suggest that.

By imagining that he was crafting a beautiful wooden box, he was reflecting on a happier time in his life. Notice, when he holds the box and begins to walk away…the chain holding him there tugs and jerks him back to the terrible reality that he loves in. This means that the entire scene was something he was imagining. And, generally speaking, BrBa didn’t ever use memories as a glance back into the past because a characters memory degrades. A flashback scene will be an exact potprtrayal of the past.

if you have not seen S2 of BB: In S02 E08 of BB when Walter and Jesse are in Jesse’s car in the parking lot outside Saul’s office, they are debating about using Saul and who should go in to talk to Saul about representing Badger. Jesse does not make any comments about having met Saul before, and based on what Jesse says it is implied that Jesse is very familiar with Saul based on people Jesse knows who have used Saul. Based on that, seems like the likelihood of Saul and Jesse meeting in the time frame of BCS is pretty much 0%. So, maybe one of those friends will meet with Saul in BCS? I would guess Skinny Pete who met Tuco in prison if I recall correctly. Guessing that more than likely Saul and Jesse would meet in the post BB time frame.

I think something to consider in Mike’s case is the amount of shit he’s gone through before even showing up in Albuquerque. His son was murdered, he spiraled into alcoholism, got shot himself, and went on the run after killing two cops. Dude has demons slowing him down.

Although yeah, I am on the same page as you. It may just be Jonathan Banks’ age, but I’m willing to believe all the prior things if it makes the show more immersive.

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