Defendant Rick and Judge Morty

I had the actual court transcript open on the other monitor while this was playing.

It is 100% verbatim. I have not laughed this hard in a very long time. Denver Allen deserves a fucking Oscar, and I would give literally anything to have been sitting in that courtroom.

This is freaking genius. Season 1’s interdimensional TV was much better than season 2’s, but if season 3 has a Judge Morty sequence in it and it’s as well done as this, it’ll be my favorite regardless of what the other sketches are.

Best version of the video bar none. You took the best of the best videos, and spliced in their missing pieces with the lower quality videos. This is as good as its going to get until they release the direct video.

In the judge’s defense, he actually stays pretty cool in the context. I’m guessing that he’s required to make sure the defendant understands his situation before he can continue, or else he’d just throw him the hell out as soon as he started swearing.

Yet he has his shit together well enough to know he needs a coroner’s report and an autopsy report. Maybe he thinks that if he pisses off the judge well enough and threatens his family, they’ll get him a different judge. That and he may not have to beat anyone up if the inmates respect his gall toward the judge enough.


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