How to properly smoke a joint

That’s me after I take a huge dab but want to seem tough.Thanks! Was wondering funnily enough. Thanks! I looked into them some more, and if anyone is into psychedelic 60’s music (like the Beatles, King Crimson etc.) then I think you’ll enjoy this.

This is my new favorite thing now that I gotta show to everybody. That was amazing. At first I was like this is too long I’ll just watch the beginning but I was captivated pretty quickly..

I never heard of the curving your mouth to get more oxygen in your toke. Can anyone confirm if this works? But still.10/10 video OP,gonna watch it later after I get off of work and get stoned.

I guess that is a way to make sure ppl are inhaling, otherwise they will probably just pull the smoke to the mouth

When my state legalizes, this is exactly what I forsee happening with me surrounded by all of my wife’s straight laced friends and family.

and dont get loads of saliva on the joint, cant doggy it..I seriously get a boner every time it goes into that song after Time. Dude… What about Money or Us and Them? That whole record is the shit.

Don’t forget the transition from Us and Them into Any Colour You Like. Saw a documentary about Pink Floyd where I learned the lady singing in great gig freestyled it as a warmup and they stuck with it. Incredible.

I would be happy too if I could do a dab. As someone who lives in a 110% illegal state, i’ve never even seen any extracts before. I’ve never seen an oil rig before, I’ve only seen hash once in my life and I’ve been a stoner for 6 years.

Before you even explore, remember, NEVER BLAST BUTANE INSIDE. I’ve seen too many people blow their fucking kitchen up doing stupid stuff. On that note, go for it! But do it all outside!

It was uncomfortable enough I had to turn up the volume and see what it was, and I had to turn off my Pink Floyd to listen to it.

In case anyone wants to see other funny/smoking vids, I have a youtube channel CaliKushTV

Musically maybe, but none of them had the cultural impact that Dark Side did, being the number 2 highest selling album of all time after Thriller.

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