Why SHELTER is Pretty Fantastic

Very true, after his minor callout of the mod in question it was nice to see him reflect on what Shelter represents. A very heartfelt monologue which is a good thing I’ve seen from Gigguk’s videos. I kind of got teary eyed like I did with his “You’ll Grow Out of Anime….Eventually” video.

The Pause and Select channel is really great. They make really relaxing and interesting videos, sometimes about the finer parts of a show, sometimes about the bigger traits of a show. Videos generally release once or twice a month, but the improvement of their videos over a year has been incredible.

Anime is changing and is becoming so much more than it was before. The mods here and the rules are incredibly close-minded in what defining what anime is. Maybe some of them don’t want anime to change, but every entertainment media evolves over time. TV and movies sure aren’t the same as they were, even 10 years ago.

there was a ton of hype for it on this sub even before that and some questions in part due to it being the work of an American face of the anime fandom in the US working with a studio and a staff that included Megumi Kouno….it was really discussed a lot.

It showed how in every fandom or almost every part of life there is a natural push back sometimes on new things vs the way it’s always been done. (And some of the sub’s rules were to prevent off-topic, problem is legalism when it comes to rules and that’s just a life perspective thing)

This was a huge step into uncharted waters when it comes to what anime is, and that definition will move and change as life and the times do. Just need to seek that balance between chaos and over-legalism.

I really hope that in next months meta thread we can have a serious discussion about expanding this subs definition of what anime is, because it’s only going to keep being a problem and ignoring the issue won’t make it go away.

I was actually expecting them to not remove it. No wonder I couldn’t find a discussion post on here and was left wondering if it already aired or not.

Even though the idea and music were from non-Japanese people it was still worked on by Japanese animators. Like what if a prominent anime studio made a movie with Japanese VAs, looks 100% anime, but it was directed by a non-Japanese? That isn’t anime?

That’s bizarre. So the reason it couldn’t be posted here is entirely down to Porter Robinson’s involvement? That’s extremely weird. By that logic, no adaptation of anything written outside of Japan should ever be posted on here. Lots of anime use non-Japanese music (JoJo and Ergo:Proxy are two that jump to mind that have non-Japanese ending themes), so it really does come down to the writer being the only real difference.

I doubt it. A ton of the power-users and mods are still telling themselves that it’s more important to moderate to the exact letter of the rules than to follow the spirit of them and do right by the users. Also, even though it was apparently only outside pressure that got the post reinstated, the regular users that were upset should be ashamed. Presumably for the offenses of the brigading Porter Robinson fans.

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