The Bottle Shredder

I’m just thankful that they put that warning in the beginning. Don’t try this at home lads!.

Im glad they waited for the cars to pass. wouldnt want top spray their cars with orange pop.. We do say pop in the midwest. I live in Kansas, hearing “soda” makes me cringe.

I guess you could say that party was… Poppin!. You can hear the educational system failing these nutters. I don’t think English is their first language, but I can agree that these guys are completely out of control. Hopefully due to their young age they can be rehabilitated before they enter adult society.

It’s a shame these young gangbangers didnt have an opportunity in life. Raised by the streets

I can’t quite place his accent. It’s like Christopher Walken and brain damage. It’s an Icelandic accent. As an Icelander myself I agree it can sound painfully weird sometimes.

How come his English vocab is really good except for a select few wordS?. He reminds me of that cop from police academy with the long hair. He speaks like the kid and is a bit crazy.

They probably have one badass older friend who can drive. You would have to be a badass to drive over a bottle of soda.

I know English is probably not their first language but “Let’s rewind over it!” Made me laugh pretty hard

Criminals and Villians in backwoods of iceland — madlad badassery Can’t imagine the kids reaction when his YouTube views spike 4000% ..

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