Diablo 3 - How to start a Rift

if you right click on an image and click “open image in a new tab”, you can use that URL to link people directly to the image. Not only does it save people on bandwidth so they don’t have to load the whole imgur page, it works with RES so we can open it without leaving Reddit.

The more you know!!!

I ever get is people in public games running ahead, hitting all the goblins, and then not killing them as their not in T6 gear and trying to get carried.

I’ve heard the term but honestly I’ve never known what that meant. He had a bunch of random legendaries, 0 Rerolls in any of his gear, including his weapon. I tried to pm him to help him get his damage up, I’ve been maining WD since vanilla launch, he didn’t respond at all so we booted him. His sheet damage was Pre-ROS and his lack of communication made him even worst. I tried though

ive always assumed it meant zero dps, suggesting it’s a support class. Idk though, we were clearing the runs so fast we didn’t need the support situation. What good would he have done dropping his big bag voodoo when the elites at 10% already. If someone’s gonna play a support build, I’d suggest staying up front or keeping up at the least. He just fell too far behind the whole time and had to be chopped

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