Cannonball in mercury

It’s the only way for pure mercury to get into your system apart from directly injecting it in your blood, and that’s going to kill you from having metal injected into you, not actually from heavy metal poisoning.

you don’t have a vat of mercury in your house?! I thought that was common places now a days. Get with the times man!

I kind of winced when I saw him just drop it in there, with little droplets splashing everywhere. Watch out, guy!

Mercury and many of its chemical compounds, especially organomercury compounds, can also be readily absorbed through direct contact with bare, or in some cases (such as methylmercury) insufficiently protected, skin.

While less dangerous than other mercuric compounds, elemental mercury still produces noxious fumes, the inhalation of which produces the typical poisoning symptoms with repeated exposure.

This type of mercury isn’t very dangerous, you could even drink it and it wouldn’t have any great effect. Industrial mercury is the dangerous one.

I can’t understand what he’s saying. It sounds to me like he’s saying the mercury is short. It’s making me angry and I don’t know why.

a physics standpoint, this really isn’t very surprising - the iron cannonball is less dense than mercury. I mean, it’s actually a lot more unusual that a steel boat can float on water.

Archimedes’ Principle bruh. There’s really nothing fancy going on there. Just the weight of the submerged part of the boat is equal to the volume of the displaced water in order to maintain vertical equilibrium.

why would I even think there was a youtube video of a cannonball floating on the surface of mars? geez what a dumbass

aren’t mercury vapours extremely toxic? I may be wrong but growing up my dad always told me that it is extremely dangerous.

I was not okay with him just standing there next to a huge vat of mercury without a respirator, and then he just fucking kersplooshes the cannonball in getting mercury everywhere.

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