Evolution of Nintendo Controllers

Glad you enjoyed it, I started animating it Wednesday night and spent a couple of hours last night and then this afternoon too.

Yeah all After Effects. Most of it is hand keyframed with the actual shape transformations happening through Reshape with additional keyframes added. The ending in 3D is using Element 3D (VideoCopilot).

It becomes a game to watch where each button moves to between each controller. I think the D-Pad is the thing that stays around longest.

Kinda makes me wish the the a, b, x, and y buttons were red, Yellow, green, and blue.

Maybe this has been said plenty of times but i have had a hard time figuring out how big is the switch screen. Can someone give me a comparison? Iphone 7 screen? Bigger than the wii u gamepad screen?

This actual screen size is identical to the Wii U gamepad. Obviously the bezels are significantly smaller, so it makes the Switch screen seem relatively bigger and the overall product seem sleeker, but the screen size is the same, 6.2″.

I know, it’s like the worst hodge-podge ever imagined. That PSMove bubble thing on the top is the cherry on top (literally).

really good! though i wish the grey joycons lifted up, then came back down on the grip instead of turning red and blue.

Right, the US SNES has two-tone purple buttons. The US NES is the same as UK.

Having the coloured SNES buttons narrowed you down to either PAL or Japan, but having a NES controller instead of a Famicom controller ruled out Japan.

My problem is a have or these ideas buzzing around but when I try to do them I get frustrated because it takes too long for me to be able to do these ideas..

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