GTA V Cops With No Headlights Use Flashlight Instead

GTA V is filled with awesome little details. I just played it again on the PS4, and the game never ceases to surprise. It’s an incredible experience.

And online heist are coming.

He’s keeping pace with it and there’s a pretty big safe zone around him. As long as nobody cuts in front of him he won’t crash.

The level of detail in this game is staggering; only a few days ago did I find out that if you shot at the house of one of the other main characters, they would phone you up and tell you to stop shooting at it!

I was perving around taking pictures of Tracy[i] lounging by the pool in a bikini and Michael texted me to cut it out. Also if you blow Tracy up with a grenade she’ll send you an angry text later.

Also if your play as Trevor or Franklin and go to Michael’s house and look at Tracy sunbathing you get a message from micheal saying something like “don’t perv on my daughter!”

I just wish Rockstar would program the cars to take advantage of the fact that controllers have analog triggers nowadays so that in order to drive slow all you have to do is not push the trigger down as much, just like a real car’s throttle. It would also be nice if every car in the game had realistic shift points instead of being tuned to only shift at redline like they’re freaking race cars.

The cars do take advantage of analog triggers. If I half pull the trigger, the car isnt going to spin tires, it us going to move forward at a normal speed. It was like this in GTA IV as well

The handling in the new gen versions is really weird, the cars are super responsive and, as you say, rarely spin their wheels. The old gen versions have much floatier (and I feel better) handling, it’s a little more difficult and varied.

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