Pickpocketing is the best skill tree in Skyrim

Not lying here. This is the best Skyrim video I’ve seen. Can others point me to something similar? I heard of Olaf the guy who wanted to be rich.

There’s also this guy called Rabbit’s Respawn. He doesn’t do funny videos per se but he does pull off some sick shots and acts all suave about it like he’s used to those things happening. Also, his voice penetrates my very being

Those vertical shots are exploiting the fact that vanilla Skyrim arrows home in to targets. It works a bit too well in vertical.

Is he using mods or console commands get 100% chance to steal items? I’ve never had it go above 90% in any of my games no matter what I did

I’m working my way up to do the same, naked skyrim I have no idea if it will last but once I get up to 100 I’m taking everyone’s clothes

What’s with the constant cuts in the video? It seems like his voice cuts out every half second and it’s just more work for him.

laughing all the way. and he’s one of the few youtubers that can actually pronounce the NPCs names without butchering them. Have never levelled pickpocketing at all - how does one do that? Just get chased by assassins all the time until you get good at it?

sounds good! When I first started playing I stole everything I had, including horses. Things did not go well for me.

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