Numbers description of IRC

I cracked up and laughed so loud when I clicked on one of the examples, tried to use my mouse, and got the error message “Mouse not supported. Use your keyboard.” This got me because it always bothered me that nobody EVER uses a goddamn mouse when using a computer in TV/movies. It’s always nonstop clackity-clickity on the keyboard.

I think it would be easier just to zoom in on the reflection on the computer monitor and preform a series of enhancements to take a picture of the the suspects face.

What the hell goes on at these sets??? Technical Consultant: “Umm, guys? I just want to point out that this makes no fucking sense. We’re gonna end up on Reddit with the whole Internet laughing at us…”

Are there any TV writers on here? I call for a contest, winning Redditor gets to watch a Hollywood actor run a SQL query to reconstruct the events leading up to the crime.

Seriously, call me a complete buffoon if you wish but I always figured l337 speak was just for novelty purposes and done on forums or when you didn’t need to quickly convey a message.
In all my years of internet usage I have never actually met anyone who truly typed in “leet”, do people actually use this in an attempt to talk in code to other people.

It’s sad because Numb3rs typically gets a lot of its stuff somewhat close to right. Like it may not be completely real, but it’s based in reality. I love the show, and this is probably the first time I’ve actually cringed while watching it. In fairness, it did a lot better with this subject than I expected.

The moment they mentioned IRC I was like “oh shit, here we go”, and my wife gave me this look of “don’t you dare ruin this fucking show for me”, so I didn’t.

if by “get the math right” you mean the equations they write on a blackboard are valid, and the theories they mention are real then yes, they get the math right.

that really doesn’t mean it’s right though. they just kind of throw random theories and equations out there whether they relate to the problem or not. and then extrapolate worldwide trends from a sample size of two.

The only show I’ve seen that always gets computers right is Veronica Mars. Every time she pulls out her Macbook to do something cool, she always does it just like you would do it on a real computer, whether it’s reading email, searching Google, opening files, or whatever.

House is generally within the realm of possibility. However, most of the “tech” in cop shows, CSI, numbers, etc is outright wrong or fantasy. As far as IRC, unless you are a sysop on one of the servers in the network or sniffing the traffic; you would show up in the channel the two are in. Also, if it is a user to user chat, no 3rd party will be able to read it without again, packet sniffing. Further, channels can have passwords, allow lists and be invite only. One last thing “leet” is for script kiddies.

This reminds me of the time my team caught the “Chatroom Slayer”. Agent DeSouza chatted him up while I created a gui interface in visual basic and tracked his ip adress. From then on, it was a piece of cake using his monitor to make a screenshot of his face.

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