Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Document comparison, analysis

A fair point… if someone wanted to frame Obama for forging his birth certificate, a decent strategy would be to forge ANOTHER birth certificate using his as the foundation document… then “discover” it later on.

I’m not buying it though, this has all the markings of an actual forgery… granted it’s a shit forgery… in fact, that’s the most sketchy part of this all. You’re forging a document for the fucking POTUS and you don’t bother to clean up your tracks with simple rotation tricks and introducing artificial artifacts and swapping out letters?

hey did stupid stuff all along. Like the server issue. I understand it was not secure and FBI found evidence at very least that there had been attempts to hack into the system.

The Affordable Care website. Millions of dollars and it didn’t even work. Like it was made by high school kids.

Well, I wouldn’t think they are “luddites”. There’s stupidity there but from what I have seen of people willing to do criminal acts like that, they have a special way of thinking that leads them to ignore things like that.

It’s hard for me to articulate what I see in their thought process. Like this: They see or hear or know the same facts as normal people, but they will deliberately block out data or facts and reality that most of us see straight away.

Same as they do for politics. Hillary voters will go crazy about Trump making crude remarks about women in the back of a studio or where ever when he’s having a private chat. But they don’t give hoot that Hillary called Bill’s victims “bimbo eruptions”. Or that she laughs about a case where she got a man out of jail after he raped a twelve year old girl so brutally she was hospitalized in a coma and can never have kids. They have no problem with Hillary claiming the kid was asking for it. They just ignore that. They also ignore the long standing assault allegations and police reports from his victims who never quit seeking justice and focus on Trumps accusers who suddenly show up only AFTER he decided to run for President. Selective recognition only of facts that fit their agenda.

I see this in all their thinking. They edit out the reality that doesn’t fit their world view. So it’s how they think when they are doing wrong. Like that clown who went on reddit for advice. He fails to see that it’s a public forum. Or he sees it and automatically edits it out or rationalizes it by thinking that no one can know who he is or who he works for or is too stupid to search the internet for clues and make a connection.

Besides, no one will know he ever did anything to the data. They depend on other’s being stupid. When they do get caught they will go silent and they feel protected by not speaking. Or denying what is plainly known to all. Watch when Hillary is lying. Sometimes she gets that gleeful smile when she is telling a lie. Problem with liars, they begin to believe their own lies.

People in business with the elites are not hired based on ability or skill. They are hired based on their obedience and willingness to go along with the agenda. Imagine if they were dumb enough to let someone smarter than them do IT for them. The info would have been leaked long ago because a lot of smart people have morals and ethics and know how to do things properly. Don’t let their incompetence be distraction. Let it be a tool. Always be skeptical, but don’t let this type of reasoning dismiss you from this information.

his is almost to perfect of a narrative. seems like a trap to me. Explosive story like this ignored by most major news sites, meanwhile obama decides today that he’s taking action against russia? either they are completely imploding or they about to use the fuck out of fake news/assange missing against us and rage war with russia

it is indeed. they have to go full bore with the people in action, its everyone you think it would be too, feinstein etc. CNN , huffpo, MSNBC, BBC, RUETERS, and other “major news” sites aren’t even looking at this (ABC and Fox are the only ones ive seen mention so far). All the rest are beating the wardrum for russia action.

accompanied by stories before hand of the white dude who shot up the church guilty plea so they get the racial angst up again. This is all being organized. Recount and all that was just to see what stuck and to provide a disctraction.

Look up the documentary “Hating Breitbart”. This is another breach in the MSM / BIG Gov lying narrative. This video/news piece needs to be pumped up by all of us. that guy investigating shit on his own for 5 years not giving up because he knows hes right , is going to get killed

What i think this means: obamas birth cert. is in fact doctored. could really end up being from saudi ariabia and had plans all along to keep it a constant war, then was implanted as president to further the leftist NWO / soros funded, spiritcooking, babyfucking, agenda.

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