One Piece Get Up - All Dressrosa

It is not mine, I must mention that. I thought I would share with you as well though in case you haven’t seen it.

This is my favorite. this AMV encapsulated all of the inspiring things about OP. everything that makes this anime great is represented so well

That depended on the studio (if that’s the right term. Basically who animated the particular episode). There were a few studios back then that went off model almost constantly. I know one was famous for making the girls look like alien toothpick people. Like that scene in Thriller Bark with Robin Laying on the ground and basically not looking human anymore, and that studio was around for quite a while. In early episodes there was also a studio that gave Luffy enormous shoulders all the time, and just in general had a lot of bizarre anatomy moments. I remember 2 studios with quite a bit of fondness (If I had to name episodes they did, the One Where Luffy first used Gear 2 to curbstomp Blueno was one, and the Episode of the G8 arc where Chopper pretended to be a mad man kidnapping Nami and the nurse was another).

One stopped somewhere after Skypeia (the latter one), and the other stopped during Punk Hazard (the former one). We have some good studios now, I can think of two in particular that I like (there’s the one that appears occasionally mid episode like when Sabo destroyed the ring, but that one can be a hit or miss style-wise despite it’s stunning animation), but there aren’t as many that I hate now as there were back before the timeskip. There will surely be more in the future as well since studios will always change over time with a long running anime like One Piece.

This was amazing. Maaaan this reminded me of how much of a baddass cyborg Franky is….Toei may be cheaping out on us, but we gotta give them props for at least bringing that sheer awesomeness of Franky to a whole new light.

Would’ve been nice to include a few Sanji moments. Sadly, there’s nothing too exciting to add from the Brook/Nami/Chopper side of things-even Brook’s final attack on Jora was made more light-hearted than it was in the manga.

This is the type of AMV that changes ones soul. existential thoughts and major life decisions are to be had after feasting ones eyes upon magnificence such as this. I doubt anyone who has doubts about one piece would question it’s sheer awesome beauty after they witness something as unquestionably great as Get Up.

There are some AMVs that overuse it for sure, but One Piece has too many scenes with low framerates, so it removes any sense of fluidity when you go from a scene like Rebecca crying or Zoro’s haki to a bunch of marines or a family member taking a step. There were also a few moments where you slowed down the video just slightly to intensify the scene or fit the beat of the song, but it came out choppy. Interpolation can help you increase the framerate in those scenes, and even throughout the entire AMV if you felt like it.

All in all, this was really satisfying to watch. I don’t watch very many AMVs, or really watch much anime for that matter, but this definitely convinced me that AMVs can be well worth the watch.

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