Sanctuary Troubles

I feel more sorry for her than anything, her and Jun strike me as actual survivors of serious shit, just handling it each in their own way. I did actually hear her apologize and say something nice to Jun which to me made them seem even more real.

I think it would be awesome if at some point in a DLC, if you keep your happiness at some level that she and Jun actually start recovering, maybe even have another kid (but a FO4 Sims DLC is a whole nother topic…)

I don’t get how everyone has so much interaction with her to hate her so much. She was a bitch when I interacted with her in the beginning but when I’m in Sanctuary I’m in my house storing stuff or crafting some items - she’s always doing her own thing and I hardly ever see her.

That said, this video is amazing.

This. You just need to talk to her every time you visit Sanctuary between major plot events. She will slowly warm to you, eventually smiling and welcoming you with positive and reassuring comments about the Minutemen, the state of Sanctuary, how safe she feels when you are around, etc.

I think people avoid her because of her guarded and damaged demeanor in the early stages of the game, then they never find out what a delight she really is.

Got to admit it, the character is pretty well-made, since it stirs so many emotions when you talk to her. Especially when she fucking walks by you at any crafting station. Do I look like I wanted to chat? Seriously Marcy, I’m standing here in quiet and crafting something!

I cant wait for mods so I can nail her to the cross. Let her be a warning to the rest of the profligates(yes I’m with the Minute Man for the 100th time!).

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