The Sandman Entrance - ECW One Night Stand 2005

It kinda sucks wwe didn’t pay for the rights to enter sandman for the network, tried watching it in better quality on the network and it is not Metallica what so ever

Drunk JBL immediately after: “That was great! Too bad he has to wrestle now…”

We need Grado vs. Sandman in a Fan Participation Karaoke match.

Explore the possibility of an Enter Sandman/Like A Prayer mashup.

Sandman always had a great entrances, but he couldn’t wrestle if his life depended on it.

It fit him perfectly though. He literally looked like a guy that you’d get into a barfight with. You can repackage people all you want, but there aren’t many wrestlers out there that have a style that goes all the way through to the gimmick.

That’s what Paul Heyman described him as. People didn’t care about how bad Sandman was, the 5 minutes of intro were good enough for a lot of people. That’s wrestling though and Heyman understood that. Not every match has to be a flippy shit fest with two midgets going at it in Japan getting 5stars.

always a great entrance and a complete shit wrestler but this particular one just felt really special because of the event itself was pretty much the best sendoff ecw could of gotten (to bad they and tna just couldn’t leave it alone after this but the next year had a great sabu and rey mystero match and the rvd moment)

it was great to experience that on live ppv, this was the thing that made me go back and watch old ecw because this i was around 10 when the ppv happened and my mom’s bf i guess watched ecw back in the day and had ecw barley legal 97 on ppv so after this i had to go back and watch that ppv and watch ever i could, now with the network i have everything to bad they aren’t uncensored with the right music

That’s one of those things that had to be absolutely amazing to experience.

I am completely unable to watch anything ECW related on the Network due to them changing the themes to some piece of shit bootleg crap. And don’t fucking tell me it’s because of music rights, I already know that. It doesn’t make it suck any less. It completely ruins the entire feel of the event.

Try watching a Gangstas match when the same fucking turd of a “rap song” plays for the ENTIRETY OF THE MATCH.

The dude next to Sandman a
t the beginning took Marking Out to a whole new level. He was beating himself up with the Kendo Stick!

I think when he returned in ’99 right before November to Remember was better. The ECW Arena went crazy when the lights came on and the Sandman was there

As one of the lucky ones to have been at ECW One Night Stand 2005 & 2006, I can fully agree that this Sandman entrance was one of the most epic moments with a crowd at any sports/wrestling/concert act ever.. I get chills when I remember how that energy level in the Hammerstein was off the chart!

Truly thankful that I was able to attend both of these events live.

I actually kind of wished they has used the Motorhead version of Enter Sandman since Vince wasn’t willing to fork out the money for the rights to use Metallica’s version on the DVD.

It actually does feed into the animosity towards Triple H (who has had three ORIGINAL themes done by Motorhead if you include Line in the Sand for Evolution). Plus the fact that Vince did pay for the rights to use The Memory Remains on DVD’s that have Tripe H vs Undertaker from WM 28.

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