Toonami Promo/Inspirational Video- Dreams

I remember that word for word! They used to play it constantly right after they did the “version 2” update.

Also what is the name of the anime that is used the most with the red headed guy? My brain keeps coming up with Lone Star or Outlaw Star.

trust me, I know, it’s high on my PTW list. I’m kinda getting back into anime, I have a bunch of shit to catch up on, and a few things to finish, and I just started Madoka Magica. I’ll watch it soon, but holy fuck my PTW is huge.

I’ve had, hanging out in my hometown, visiting my family for Thanksgiving, seeing old friends, you had to double down on it by hitting me with a wave of nostalgia at the bitter end of this long day.

Would have to say Tenchi Muyo (Personal Favorite and one of my first animes) and Outlaw Star are both around the top of the list of Toonami All time best shows.

If you’re ever in the mood to take a walk back down that road, I highly recommend youtuber SlimD’s channel. Best place to find all of the highest quality bumps, promos, musicvideos, and even game reviews all from the Toonami history.

I like this one, but my favorite Toonami bit had to be Mad Rhetoric. Watching that as a kid gave me the shivers.

I sorta wonder if anyone will ever pick up Blue Submarine No. 6 and give it the facelift it sorely deserves. The CGI they used for the ships looks laughable now, and it’s the main thing that makes the show hard to watch (everything else about it is pretty fantastic).

It made me finally realize that I’m a girl & at 18, that really hit me for the first time. It never occurred to me as a kid that I wasnt a boy…when I was a kid gender was irrelevant. As I got older, I realized I was alienated/excluded from many things (particularly gaming/anime/talking about women or men) for being a girl & I lost a lot of great opportunities & childhood friendships cause of it. As a kid I loved this toonami clip, & when I was 18 I did too, but now I actually hate this promo. Now I’m worrying about illness, financial burdens, money, homelessness, loneliness, survival…& hearing about these philosophical life questions in anime/promos just feels so irrelevant. The practical rat race of life is too real for me i guess, it’s kinda killed my love for philosophy in anime/toonami/etc. I admire who I was as a kid watching this toonami promo now, & I think if I was a kid & saw that this is how I would have become as I got older, It would’ve been the death of me at like 8 years old.

I’m pretty close to the age you are and I think most people go through something like what you are feeling. I don’t think any of us really know what the fuck we are doing it just gets easier to put on a front and get by as you get older. I’m 23 now and I think life doesn’t really get better, but you get better at enduring. If you are really so different from your 8 year old self imagine how much you could change in another 20 years.

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