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Lots of people die. Lots of managed pollution is no longer managed. Banks crash. The dollar either inflates or deflates into uselessness. Gas stops selling to the general public. Goods stop being transported to markets. Retail and food service workers are all unemployed, and many manufacturing and services employees are also unemployed.

Food shortages. FEMA estimates that the average US household has 3 days of food in it. Grocery stores can feed their markets for another 1.5-2 days. Within a week most people are without food. Without power. Without heat. Without a way to dispose of sewage. Rioting and violence happens as people start scrapping for anything edible. Massive competition erupts to gather food through hunting. Agricultural regions are overrun with people so desperate to eat today that they ruin any chance of growing food for tomorrow. Not to mention nobody knows how actually grow food if Monsanto isn’t selling them seed and they don’t have heavy machinery to manage it and a water company irrigating.

In 1929 when the stock market crashed, 90% of Americans were in some way self sufficient for food. Today, it’s less than 1%.

It’s not capitalism; it’s human nature. Humans have always sought to separate themselves apart from others. The reason why capitalism was such a breakthrough in the history of government is that it allowed individuals to separate themselves financially, which essentially put large portions of governance on cruise control.

Think of it this way: if you could make all of the politicians, businessmen, and other powerful people disappear right now, and took everyone else into a room where they decided how things should work, what would happen? The easy answer is that the discussions would revolve around a combination of individual ideals, and also individual desires. Look at America’s drafting of the Constitution: freedom of the press and copyright laws were fought for and obtained by newspaper men and book publishers. The central banking system was fought for by a banker.

There’s no way to break the cycle of the powerful using their power to generate more power. Not without changing our genetic makeup.

On paper lots of nations have tried to give those things to everyone, to make them equal and keep things fair. But then, in order to make it happen, they give certain positions incredible power to see it done, and those positions end up getting bought and sold to the people who have the most to gain. Suddenly, the healthcare industry jacks prices, food given to the poor leaves them malnourished, the FDA is taking kickbacks, the EPA won’t let states raise pollution requirements on cars because too much environmentalism could hurt the auto industry, the Department of Education is giving money to states that fall in line with federal education goals like Common Core, and all of it reeks of corruption.

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