WTC7 in Freefall - No Longer Controversial

This is going to sound way out there, but there is a woman who has been talking about the Hutchison Effect and the 9/11 connection. For instance when you look at the main buildings fall, they literally turn into dust. There are accounts of firemen who were trapped in some of the lower parts of the building and when the building came down they thought they were going to die. To their amazement instead of being pulverized by the thousands of tons of concrete they were met with the light of the sun.

The entire building literally evaporated above them. You can even see certain pieces falling down and turning into dust mid air. There were many cars far from the towers that were completely incinerated. I mean there was nothing left of them, only iron. It is suggested that an energy beam was being projected onto the towers and the cars were in its path causing them to be incinerated.

Many people know more than two building collapsed on 9/11. There’s never been any clear attempt to cover up WTC7 in the media that I’ve seen. It was widely reported at the time, and has been covered in many subsequent documentaries etc.

However WTC 1 & 2 were the tallest buildings in New York, among the tallest in the world, their collapse killed thousands, they were hit by aircraft (one on live TV) - given that, it’s fairly easy to see why a nearby building, not iconic and much less interesting, collapsing more than seven hours later with no fatalities, gets somewhat overlooked when we look back at the incident.

I’m not sure what it would prove though? Ultimately WTC7 was uneventful because it was not occupied and wasn’t iconic. If hundreds of people had died in that building then I’ve no doubt it would feature strongly in 9/11 commemoration, but in the end it was just property.

Ultimately I believe five buildings were destroyed as a result of the 9/11 attacks, but we only bother with the twin towers because they were the iconic ones, the ones caught in so many photos and videos collapsing and the ones where so many lost their lives.

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