Chris Matthews - What country in the world would

I’m from Detroit and got a shitty education, even dropped out of high school. From the time of learning about conspiracies about 10 years ago, I’ve become smarter, a more logical thinker it’s even helped me pursue a college degree.

I read that he was coming here almost a month ago and said to myself, this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen as an American.

The man who has been caught on camera saying he can “out maneuver America” and that we are nothing to worry about, is about to address the country as if he is one of us. You can’t switch sides back and forth when it’s in favor for what you need, fuck that. America needs to grow some balls and cut ties to these Israel. If they really are gods people, god will provide.

What does that have to do with non-Jewish politicians who are mostly white Christians who fight over who loves Israel more? Do American Jews try to influence our elections for a pro-Israeli representation in Congress and the White House? Definitely. Did Jewish Zionist’s Adelson and his $100 million campaign contribution to Mitt Romney succeed? No. The American People are still the ones who cast the votes in elections. And even if every Jewish man and woman out of the 2% Jewish population voted for Romney, their impact would have been negligible. That’s the reality. Now, if you say many powerful Jewish American Zionists control the American media and manipulate Christians into voting for pro-Israeli candidates, I’ll strongly agree with you there. 😉

I’m just not sure how to go about stating that Hollywood, the main stream media, and many of our foreign allies are Jewish, without stating they’re Jewish. The fact that many people who have said negative things about Jews in power and suffered consequences shortly thereafter is a testament to this quote:

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

Seems like in this country you can spit on nearly every demographic of people except Jews in power. The large body of evidences is somewhat overwhelming, evidences that manifest itself on Reddit. From the example made out of Charlie Sheen to this recent stint in congress, it seems obvious how powerful they are.

Blame the ignorant Christians, they deserve it. However, to deflect blame from the deceiver to the deceived is a bit like sending the thief to Cancun, and those who he robbed to prison…

Trust me (which you won’t) when I tell you that both of these groups of billionaires are equally repugnant and the only reason you don’t see it that way is because you are still holding onto (just a wee bit) the left versus right paradigm.

I am however proud of you, because when we first crossed paths here I don’t think you were ready to acknowledge that the left is also run by a group of billionaires. I give you another year, 2 at the most depending on who wins this presidential election, before you abandon this false paradigm altogether.

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