Jewish student caught painting Swastikas

Yeah by definition this is not a conspiracy. Its just a lone dipshit looking for attention. I also find it funny that this story is at the front page of this sub but if it were any other race, religion, etc it would get ignored. See if you can find any trace that this similar but more extreme version of this story involving a black woman from a few years back was even a blip on this subreddit’s radar.

I watched a documentary that followed a typical class of Israeli children as they prepare to be taken to Auschwitz to be re-educated. It was really eye-opening, a window into the kind of mindset that creates persons like this.

They start out as normal teens, with the understanding that ‘everyone hates them’ for some reason. But they are mostly ambivalent about it. Then they are taken to holocaust memorials and just have the tragedy of the whole thing beat into their heads while adults tell them that if they’re not vigilant against the entire rest of the world it WILL happen again.

Of course this creates in the teens a very strong bond among them and against everyone else. They feel persecuted without any direct persecution taking place, and I feel like later in life, when going through the normal angst of being human, this can manifest as self-hatred for being saddled with the “Responsibility” of being Jewish. (Not unlike the “Responsibility” of being White American that can manifest as hatred for all ‘foreigners’.

The lashing out that happens as a response is bound to look something like what we’re seeing: a call for sympathy and empathy through subversive acts. They want people to identify with the pain and suffering that was installed by an industry that must keep the pain and suffering alive to remain relevant. This goes beyond religion and is into the realm of business and geopolitical positioning.

I think its a bit more complicated than just drama - they have to continue this constant false threat against them so our Western government’s continue to support the terrorist Israeli regime without the general public complaining about it. You constantly hear about the “rise” of anti-semitism even when it does not exist or there is no threat to them.

It convinces the masses that : “we’re suffering in your own civilized countries, how do you think we suffer in the savage Middle East ? Everyone wants to destroy us there”.

Even though without the existence of Israel, I think the Middle East, and the rest of the world, would be a safer place. Our continued support to them is the main reason for the instability of that region.

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