Weird Flying Sabertooth Tiger SKYRIM

In about a week or two he’s going to be walking across a field and the sabre cat is going to come down on him like a meteor.

I’m disappointed that I bought the Xbox version of this game and not the PC. The only glitch I have experienced is a horses ass sticking out of the ground, and I had no way of capturing it :/

What I’ve always wondered with these videos, how do you know this was going to happen so you turned on the recording? Or do you have a recording programme running all the time in the background?

As someone already pointed out in this thread, its probably just a mod gone wrong. He did it once, noticed the funny results, and did it again while recording. But hey, if you’d like to believe that his commentary was completely extemporaneous and that he had no idea what was happening, be my guest. Not a problem either way.

Personally, I keep fraps on(but not recording) when I’m playing, just in case. And when I see something crazy start going down or something that looks like it’ll be awesome, I just hit the hotkey to start recording.

Other times I just forget that I have the recording thing on and accidently get something cool on fraps. Sucks though when I have to sort through that shit later trying to find that epic moment. >_<

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