What if a Pokemonā€™s Cry was their Name

Would anyone else put their gameboy (emulator, whatever) up to their ear when a pokemon was about to show up, listen to their cry, and try and guess what it was?

I didnā€™t watch the video, but in X&Y they used voice actors for some of the in-game cries, or at least some of the more iconic ones.

Edit: Watching the video, itā€™s kind of the opposite than what I thought. Pikachuā€™s cry in X/Y is going to be something like “Pika!”.

That would be nice but I doubt it… HG/SS were remakes so it makes sense for an object like that to exist. This gen is completely new and I doubt that theyā€™d have something that would only revert a few Pokemonsā€™ cries. But I guess it wouldnā€™t hurt to be optimistic right? šŸ˜

I would agree with that, I just disagree with the bit about it being “canon” as it goes both ways. There are pokemon in the anime that never say their name and only roar or grunt.

Itā€™s more about technological limitations. It would have been impossible in the beginning and even now I donā€™t think they would be interested in recorded voices for every pokemon in their respective languages.

This is one of my biggest ongoing gripes with the Pokemon franchise. They still sound like screaming pixels, even in the latest game, with special exception made for Pikachu. Which is all well and good for those who find the yellow bastard special, but I like Pokemon like Chimecho, Trubbish and Swinub, and they all sound like screaming pixels. The technology to make Pokemon sound as good as they look is there, but thereā€™s still more money to be made by not implementing it.

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